Listed below are links to some resources online that we have found helpful:

Government Action is accessible online at the FCC for advice when it pertains to filing formal complaints against service providers as well as information on the latest fraudulent schemes being employed in the telecommunications services arena.
Online Directory Information site from Verizon that offers comprehensive online directory listings for the United States. It contains both white and yellow page listings as well as an interactive mapping tool that provides driving directions.
International Online Directory Listings are available from this portal that offers information and service listings for more than 184 countries. The site can be viewed in multiple languages and also provides a link to International dialing codes.
Country Calling Codes are available at this site for completing International telephone calls. You select both the destination country and the one you are dialing from and it supplies the correct telephone codes and local current time.
Online IT Encyclopedia and self-education tool that contains over 4,500 individual encyclopedic definition/topics about information technology, especially relating to the Internet and computers. Our industry is overflowing with acronyms and buzzwords and this site is extremely helpful.
Broadband Reports is a resource that provides information and communication on the subject of residential and small business Broadband connections. It includes a broadband pre-qualification tool, technology news headlines and helpful user forums.
Internet Bandwidth Test from Allegiance Telecom who provides this free online tool that measures the approximate download speed of your Internet access connection. Click on the logo to the left and the test will start and then provide your results.
Internet Health Report provided by Keynote Systems, offers a graphical snapshot of the overall service performance on most of the top tier business–class Internet backbone providers. The performance is measured and graphically presented in hourly and daily time periods.
The Internet Traffic Report monitors the flow of data on the Internet throughout the world. This web site will tell you if those regions of the Internet are currently slowed down. By checking the Internet Traffic Report, you can determine if your problems are global or local.
Fixed Orbit is an easy-to-use guide to help get a birds eye view of the Internet, the networks that make it up, their relationships with other networks as well as their internal size and structure. Think of it as a sort of world map or atlas of the Internet.

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